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obviously, a held item you can use to Mega Evolve into a betaveros.

Hi! I'm Brian. Many people know me online as betaveros.

I'm currently (spring 2024) doing interpretability research at Anthropic — check out our newest paper, Scaling Monosemancity, and other updates on Transformer Circuits Thread. Previously (2020–2022) I was building end-to-end encryption at Zoom — see our ASIACRYPT 2022 paper, Rotatable Zero Knowledge Sets; before that, I did a Masters of Engineering in computational music at MIT (2020).

I also love solving and writing puzzlehunt puzzles. I ran the 2023 Galactic Puzzle Hunt with ✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈.

More broadly, my interests include information security, web development, UI design, and programming language theory/design/perversity; as well as singing, mystery visual novels, and dragons. 🐉

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art by Trevor Fox Red dragon and rider. Digital illustration.