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Putting the “hyper” in “http”.


Some of the best links I have, using the criterion that I think I’d recommend them to the highest proportion of people who happen to visit this page (so, generally excluding technical material).

Sources of links and reading material:



Long List

Just in case you’re wondering, linking does not imply full endorsement. Probably at least 70% or so, though. Bolded links are, in my opinion, especially worth it for whatever reason.

Feeds and Other Sources of Reading Material

Blogs from various AoPS acquaintances:


Discontinuous/gag-a-day comics:



Games and Other Cool Stuff


Old Wallpapers

Stuff about Language

Stuff about Education

(with an emphasis on mathematics)

Miscellaneous Stuff to Think About

Serious Stuff about Programming/Hacking

Frivolous/Satirical Stuff about Programming/Hacking

Stuff about Procrastination

Random Funny Stuff