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obviously, a held item you can use to Mega Evolve into a betaveros.
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bcodex demonstration bcodex: a command-line utility in Haskell (as well as tiny JS app) for flexibly converting between puzzlehunt/CTF-y “encodings”. 4861707079 cHV6emxpbmc=!

gridderface example gridderface: a Scala app that lets you create or draw on grid-based puzzles (Nikoli logic puzzles, crosswords, etc.) with the keyboard

paradoc: a stack-based programming language that can be golfed or written “literately”. Let’s solve a small Google Code Jam problem solution with 22 bytes: vo"Case #%: "oJ{S$p}^P

Castlefall user interface castlefall: an implementation of a party game with hidden teams, for (optimally) six to ten people

xxb demonstration xxb: a silly/fancy xxd replacement in Haskell

clicker.html, a dumb thing from 2010 that nevertheless provoked one person to respond:

why the [email protected]#$ am I playing this game
what the hell man

The retroactively official goal is 16,384 clicks :)