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I have a long history of not being very good at music. I played piano in elementary/middle school, and sang with an a cappella group and learned guitar in high school. My HASS concentration at MIT was in music; one of the highlights was getting to take Interactive Music Systems with Eran Egozy, co-founder of Harmonix (best known for Guitar Hero and Rock Band). I sang with Dropbox’s Syncopation and rapped in Dropbox the Musical III while interning there in the summer of 2016. While Techiya existed I sang bass with the group.

Other things I like: Coldplay, fun., Pentatonix, Peter Hollens, Bo Burnham, reorchestrated video game music. Ghost Fight (Undertale) remains my favorite leitmotif and one of my favorite things to loop to get in the zone. I love to show people Sam Tsui’s #selfie Piano Ballad. Historically, when small open talent shows have gotten awkward, I’ve gone up and rapped “Lose Yourself” or performed Ylvis’s “Old Friends”.

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