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I have a long history of not being very good at music. I played piano in elementary/middle school, and sang with an a cappella group and learned guitar in high school. My HASS concentration at MIT was in music; one of the highlights was getting to take Interactive Music Systems with Eran Egozy, co-founder of Harmonix (best known for Guitar Hero and Rock Band). I sang with Dropbox’s Syncopation and rapped in Dropbox the Musical III while interning there in the summer of 2016. While Techiya existed I sang bass with the group.

Other things I like: Coldplay, fun., Pentatonix, Peter Hollens, Bo Burnham, reorchestrated video game music. Ghost Fight (Undertale) remains my favorite leitmotif and one of my favorite things to loop to get in the zone. I love to show people Sam Tsui’s #selfie Piano Ballad.

List of songs I have performed at small open talent shows in recent history

It doesn’t mean I’m any good at them. Why is this here? Why are we here, on this planet of seven billion people? Why does anything exist, really?