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Dictionary Patterns OneLook: ... e.g. d?g:animal, pin*:fruit, *money* OneLook Reverse: ... MoreWords: ... e.g. d-g, pin*; or with no wildcards, anagram as-is or with +1 letter

Wikipedia Patterns Nutrimatic: ... a-z0-9[](){}|.?*+, quotes mean "noaddingspaces", angle brackets <anagram>; character classes are _ = [a-z0-9], A = [a-z], V = [aeiou], C = consonant including y Nutrimatic lowercase: ... Nutrimatic WoF: ... (all consecutive letters are treated as character classes, all non-space characters are treated as any letter) Crossword Nexus Simple Wiki Search: ... e.g. d?g, pin*; @ = [aeiou], # = consonant including y. Crossword mode is set. Crossword Nexus Perl Wiki Search: ... with full power of Perl regexes. Crossword mode is set.
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e.g. d.g, pin*; ranges are [sz] [l-p], [!sz] (!!). Character classes: @ = [aeiou], # = consonant including y.

Words: > = word, < = reversed word, so e.g. s> are S prefix hooks. 7-9:x*a = length constraint (either bound can be omitted); /anagram or */letterbank; &|! intersect, union, or set-subtract constraints.

Equation solver: A-Z mean strings, constraints separated by ; force them to be words, e.g. cyclically permuted words are AB;BA, words that take a K to L misprint are AkB;AlB. ~A is reversed A. Different constraints: !=AB or !=A<B<C. Length constraints: |A|=3-7. Note that string variables are nonempty by default; add |A|=0- to override.

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