(obviously, a held item you can use to Mega Evolve into a betaveros.)

Hi! I'm Brian, most common online handle betaveros, a math and computer science nerd meandering through the second year of college (undergraduate at MIT, class of 2019). I like combinatorics, complexity theory, functional programming, singing/rapping in the shower, and puzzles. This is my website. One of them, anyway.

At MIT, I live on Floorpi in East Campus. I'm involved with SIPB, the student computing group at MIT that manages lots of services (including, which is currently serving this website), and ESP, a student group that runs a huge variety of classes for middle- and high-school students. I sing bass with Techiya even though I'm pretty sure I'm a tenor.

Here is my (public) résumé. You can reach me at (my most common online handle), or the email in my résumé.

I was bored enough to create a FAQ.

Things I've made:

bcodex: a command-line utility in Haskell (as well as tiny JS app) for flexibly converting between puzzlehunt/CTF-y "encodings". 4861707079 cHV6emxpbmc=!
gridderface: a Scala app that lets you create or draw on grid-based puzzles (Nikoli logic puzzles, crosswords, etc.) with the keyboard
clicker.html, a dumb thing from 2010 that nevertheless provoked one person to respond:
why the f@#$ am I playing this game
what the hell man
The retroactively official goal is 16,384 clicks :)
...have I mentioned puzzles yet!?

Things I've worked on:

The ESP website, a custom Django site we manage all our educational programs with. It's open-source on GitHub!
Dropbox Paper, a fantastic doc editor for collaboration and brainstorming, which I did during a summer 2016 internship. Try it!
Stone Campus, a Taiwanese provider of programming classes and material, run by my father.
the SIPB office's music spooler, a Perl monstronsity which appears vaguely related to Gutenbach
Puzzletron, software for editing/testing puzzles for the MIT Mystery Hunt, which I hacked on quite a bit as part of the 2015 writing team
Habitica, an (open-source!) RPG for gamifying your life. OK, I only added maybe ten lines of code ever, but I couldn't resist :)

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